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Hi all.
This is my space to tell you a little about myself so you can get an idea how my artwork came about and what inspired me. So here goes....

I started doing this particular style of artwork when I was in my first year of studying Drawing and Applied Arts at Bristol UWE. Prior to starting the course I was told that all applicants needed to have completed a foundation year in art which I dutifully did at Bournemouth School of Art. However when I started my first year at UWE it quickly became apparent that this was not the case and we spent a lot of our first few terms getting everyone to the same level. Basically, I drew many kitchen items - mostly spoons!!

Fed up and slightly disillusioned, I turned to creating my own work. The first piece I created was the Thame/Bristol Montage and, much to my art teacher's disappointment, I was hooked.

The pieces are created using a selection of photographs I take of buildings that catch my eye. After developing the pictures, I cut out most of what I call the 'dead space' including pavement, sky, roads etc. and then collage them together using oil pastels, charcoal and bleach. I quickly discovered a love for 'lines' and this became a major theme in the pieces as did my love for perspective. The pieces I have created so far include collages of different buildings and also 360 degree panoramics - mainly of the train station (I have found Bristol Temple Meads to be a very inspiring place)

So there you have it! That's me and my work.

Recently I have been inspired again by others (you know who you are) to create some new work, so have a look through the gallery on this site to get an idea of what I do and contact me if you have any queries.

Thanks for looking, Ellie

Contact Ellie at elliehookham@googlemail.com

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