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Below is some information regarding the prints themselves and an idea of prices.

The original pieces of artwork that I produce are often fairly large - the largest being approximately 2m long by 70cm tall. After completion, the originals are scanned so that they can be reproduced as prints. I find that this provides a startling unity to the pieces and really adds the 'finishing touch'. Often referred to as 'Giclee', this type of high-quality inkjet printing is regarded as one of the best forms of digital print on the market. Utilising archival inks and papers, prints are guaranteed not to fade for over 100 years.

The paper my pieces are printed on is called Innova and has a natural white finish with a slightly structured, soft-textured surface equivalent to a traditional etching fine art paper making it ideal for digital fine art. The pieces can also be printed directly onto canvas negating the need for framing. This works well on pieces such as the Bristol Suspension Bridge. A frame limits the stark white around the bridge.

When printing, it is rare that the pieces are reproduced at exactly the same size as the originals; The majority of the prints come out at approximately 1 metre long and vary in height. Examples include: The Bristol buildings and interior of Temple Meads which are both approximately 45cm tall. The Gloucester road piece is approximately 60cm tall by 85cm long as it is a much more rectangular piece.

Prices start at £180 for the large prints but I can also have them printed on both a larger/smaller scale and prices adjust accordingly.

Framing is a choice that I leave very much to the individual as it depends on many factors, but here is a link to the framers I use in Bristol and have done for many years -

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